About VePhone

Internet Video Phone software providing direct, secure and private, person-to-person calls over the internet, as well as to/from landlines & mobiles, worldwide.

  • Simply sign-up and get your real UK Telephone number;
  • Download and install the FREE VePhone Software onto your Windows PC/Laptop (or Mac*);
  • Click desktop icon, set audio to speakers or USB handset and start making calls.

  • {* Mac users can use VePhone download with "Parallels Desktop for Mac" or similar featured Mac software}

    [VePhone uses innovative patented "e2e Technology" to achieve direct, secure and private person-to-person calls]

    Voice calls

    With a USB handset connected to your PC/Laptop you can use your VePhone from anywhere in the world to make or receive phone calls:

  • VePhone To/From VePhone (FREE)
  • Landline To VePhone (FREE to receive)
  • Mobile To VePhone (FREE to receive)
  • VePhone To Landline/Mobile (from 1p per min)
  • Easy to use – just like a normal phone ! - as VePhone has a real UK geographic or non-geographic Telephone number accessible worldwide.

    Video calls

    When calling VePhone-to-VePhone you can easily switch to Video Calls for real-time, secure, private and direct, person-to-person video conversation.

  • All Video calls are completely FREE
  • Option to turn-off local view
  • Calls go direct over the internet from VePhone-to-VePhone, WITHOUT going through a hosted Server – so your video calls are personal and private
  • Can be used from home or business and from anywhere in the world where there is internet access.

    Features – all inclusive

    VePhone has the following standard features in addition to Voice and Video calls:

  • Text Chat
  • Snapshot [Take picture & send]
  • Draw [Whiteboard whilst in call]
  • Call Forwarding (to Landline/mobile]
  • Voicemail and Voicemail-to-email
  • QDial – Desktop quick dialer
  • Plenty of features offer you lots of ways to effectively communicate and not miss a call !


    Illustration of some of the screen features whilst on a VePhone-to-VePhone call.

    Snapshot- great for taking a instant picture of an object and sending direct to the other party, whilst on a call.
    Text chat- very handy for written text as well as voice conversation.
    Video- Switchable local / remote display can be turned on/off; great for one-to-one video calling.
    Draw- a common whiteboard to use whilst on a call – great for showing directions, item sketches, etc.

    All the above are standard and completely FREE to use with VePhone !

    QDial – Quick Dialer
    An "always on top" desktop screen-app enabling quick phone dialing and answering. Ideal for intensive VePhone users and Call Centres.
    Works with any other third-party PC software – Just highlight a telephone number and click "Call" to dial - as simple as that !
    No need to worry about expensive integration with existing databases or other tailored CRM packages; great to use with your existing contact lists or phonebooks.

    Mobile App - VePhone Lite

    Also available and FREE to download is a Mobile App - VePhone Lite; When installed on your mobile will effectively have bott the original mobile number and the real UK Telephone on the same device. VePhone Lite requires internet access over either 3G, 4G or WiFi connection.

    VePhone Lite features

  • Call Forward -   Re-direct your VePhone number to any landline/mobile worldwide;
  • Make very low cost calls to any location;
  • NO ROAMING charges to receive a Call.
  • VePhone Lite available for:

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android *
  • Windows Phone *
  • [* Currently restricted to Call Forward feature- other aspects in development]

    Future ....

    In time, other useful features will be added such as:

    - Call filtering – to stop nuisance calls
    - VePost – for direct person-to-person secure recorded delivery of any file/document.