Information  -  Telephone Numbers

  • Range of Geographic UK Telephone number area codes are available - (01) & (02).
  • Range of UK Non-Geographic & VoIP numbers available - (0330) & (0560).
  • Use of (0560) VoIP numbers are FREE; use of other area codes requires minimum account Top-up of £10 or £20 dependent on area code type chosen. The amount is available for you to use in your outgoing call minutes to landline/mobiles worldwide;
  • Special Telephone numbers involving combinations such as: Double-digits, Triple digits, Quads & Golden numbers are available to select in the sign-up process.
  • Other Specific Telephone number requests may be considered by contacting us ... Contact

Facts - VePhone - Internet Video Phone

  • No Hidden charges
  • No Connection charges
  • VePhone-to-VePhone calls all FREE
  • FREE to receive calls on VePhone worldwide
  • Low Cost, and simple to understand, call tariffs for VePhone outgoing calls to landline/mobiles, worldwide.
  • FREE VePhone Lite Mobile App available, complete with Call Forwarding feature. Mobile App

UK Telephone Number assignment  –  FREE  (subject to following)
  • VoIP numbers (0560)
  • - No Account Top-Up required on signup.
  • Non-Geographic (0330)
  • - £10 Top-Up required on signup, which includes £10
    worth of free Outgoing Call Minutes to Landlines/Mobiles.
  • Geographic (01 & 02)
  • - £20 Top-Up required on signup, which includes £20
    worth of free Outgoing Call Minutes to Landlines/Mobiles.

    [Note: All Telephone numbers are real United Kingdom Telephone numbers and are usable worldwide.]

VePhone works with either: -
  • Microphone and Speaker on your PC;
  • Headset connected to your device;
  • USB Handset

USB Handset - Information

A USB handset is essentially a microphone and speaker in a handset that simply connects to a USB port on a computer – and is ideal to use with VePhone software.

No additional Windows drivers are required making USB Handsets simply plug&play devices.

[Note: A USB Handset or USB Phone MUST connect to a computer (it cannot directly connect to a telephone system or standard telephone line socket]

Typical examples of USB handsets are shown opposite.
Suppliers of USB Handsets can be found using a search engine;
just make sure that it is USB 2.0 compatible.
Premium VoIP Telephone

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