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What is VePhone?

VePhone is a software application available to download and install on a windows-based PC, laptop or tablet.By signing-up online Users can acquire either a 'Real' UK Telephone number (or a 'Private' number). Once connected to the internet, VePhone users can make and receive phone calls to/from other VePhones, Landlines & Mobiles.

It does not matter where in the world you are connected to the internet, when logged into your VePhone you will be able to make and receive calls as if you were still in the UK.

What is a 'Real' Telephone Number?

A 'Real' telephone number is a traditional telephone number which either has a geographic area code or is a non-geographic number. Currently available to choose from are a range of geographic and non-geographic United Kingdom (UK) Telephone numbers.

What is the difference between a geographic and non-geographic number?

Geographic telephone numbers in the UK refer to the area code of the telephone number which generally relate to a particular location e.g. London "0203"; Birmingham "0121" etc.

Non-geographic numbers such as "0330" (equivalent to 0870) are not location specific. Calls from VePhones to 0330 numbers are the same price as calls to geographic numbers. These non-geographic number are NOT premium numbers.

The number range "056" is widely adopted in the category of international non-geographic VoIP number, and used like any other UK Telephone number.

Will it cost more to make a call from a VePhone when abroad?

No.    Your VePhone is independent of location, so if you have logged into the VePhone in a country outside the UK it will make no difference.

For example, a VePhone user accessing the internet and logged-in with their VePhone whilst in, say, Brazil will still be contactable on their UK VePhone telephone number.

So calls will be FREE to receive (indeed if the caller from the UK is a Landline or mobile and they have a call plan that offers free calls to any UK landline number, then the call will be free to them also! ).

If, on the other hand, the VePhone user that is logged-in in Brazil were to make a call to any other VePhone, that call will be completely FREE; and any calls to a Landline or mobile will be at the low call tariff rate applicable to that call from VePhone to the relevant country location.

Are VePhone calls TO other VePhones or landlines or mobiles expensive?

No.   A VePhone user ringing a Telephone number that is another VePhone is completely FREE - the call is secure and direct between the two parties over the internet.

VePhone users with a 'Real' UK Telephone number can receive calls from any worldwide landline or mobile, FREE.

Any VePhone user making a call to any worldwide landline or mobile can do so for very low rates according to the Tariff Zones which start from 1 pence per minute [GBP] or 2 cents per minute [Euros/Dollars].

Are there any other hidden charges??

No.    There are NO Connection charges and NO other hidden charges - just plain and simple per minute billing when using VePhone to make calls TO conventional landlines or mobiles worldwide [Remember VePhone to VePhone are all Free].

Can VePhone be used for Video calls?

Yes,   A standard feature of VePhone software is the ability to make and receive FREE video calls between VePhones over the internet. Once a call is set-up, simply click video and images from your camera will be sent direct to the other VePhone.

Do I need to use VePhone software to make calls with my number?

Yes.   The free to download VePhone software incorporates innovative and patented technology which enables secure and direct calls, over the internet, with other VePhones these calls are not hosted by servers on the internet, they are genuine "person-to-person" calls.

VePhone users with a real Telephone number can be called from any landline phone, mobile, SIP or any other type of phone that can ordinarily call a normal traditional telephone number.

Can I receive calls if I am not online?

The VePhone software has both "Voicemail" and "Call Forward" features as standard. Users can activate and set-up their voicemail to receive calls when not online or if they are busy. Furthermore, users can, via their online web account, select to receive their voicemail as an "e-mail attachment" of the recording which they can pick-up from their e-mail account.

The Call Forward feature enables incoming calls from other VePhones, Landlines or Mobiles to be automatically forwarded to the Users' chosen destination Landline or mobile. The Call Forward feature is free, and the only charge incurred will be the normal low tariff call cost applicable from the Users' VePhone to the chosen destination Landline or Mobile for the duration the call is actually forwarded.